Established in 1988, Burgs was founded in Cornwall, supporting and following local community boating events. Driven by an original vision to inspire a love for the outdoors. Burgs has evolved to become a unique inspiring sustainable brand, creating exceptional distinctive garments that are built to last.
Combined with British design, we are taking a pioneering approach to search and innovate, always choosing the most responsible path to making garments that are functional and stylish, whilst respecting the environment.

Burgs was created in 1988 out of a love for boating and sailing around the British coast. The brand travelled from coastal town to town following sailing events, building a unique community supporting and loving the brand.

This community was made up of individuals who had a love for being in the sea air and the beautiful British coasts. This is exactly why sustainability and a passion for the outdoors remained an integral aspect of the brand in it’s relaunch in 2022.

Take a look at some of the vintage Burgs clothing pieces dating back to 1988!




We hope that you will join us on our Journey.